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5%, 10%, Yes, even 15%

A flimflam? You betcha. A TV commercial for one of the TBTF bank credit card businesses came on the other night (yes, I watch TV, but only for the articles… no that’s not right…). These unrealistically happy people in the … Continue reading

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Premature Celebrations

Yesterday, Sunday, was a day of pain as the NY Giants absolutely blew it against their arch rival Philadelphia Eagles and the NY Jets continued down their “all yak and no shack” path. This post is not about that, though. … Continue reading

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Made In The USA

There is lint everywhere. A few weeks ago I realized that my supply of everyday socks needed replenishing. As a new Prime member, not local I know, but locally my choices would be WalMart JC Penny, and the like, … Continue reading

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The Sad State of TV News

Lots has been written about this topic but let me wale away at it for a bit. I worked for one of the, at the time, big three networks for a number of years in the good old days. Back … Continue reading

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Elsewhere, I discussed government regulations just a bit. Tis a very big topic as you will see. A recent interaction with some of my students and teaching colleagues has resulted in me taking a closer look. It seems to me … Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street, wow! What is going on here? As usual, many are discussing this in ways that suit their favorite ideological message. Some say it’s a bunch of loonies. Some say it’s the new liberal force for good. Some … Continue reading

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Correct tire pressure is a good thing. It will give you consistent performance, better mileage, and increased safety. When I was a kid, Dad checked the tire pressure pretty much every time we filled up the tank of the old … Continue reading

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5%, 10%, 15%, More?!?

The seeds were sown in the late seventies but the phenomenon came on strong in the eighties, the pursuit of break up value. Financiers realized from years of studying US firms that many had undervalued assets. Years of business as … Continue reading

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The Amazing BATFE

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives has a mission: “A unique law enforcement agency in the United States Department of Justice that protects our communities from violent criminals, criminal organizations, the illegal use and trafficking of firearms, the … Continue reading

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In an earlier post, “Just Say Anything”, I touched on a phenomenon which may have had at least part of its genesis in the behaviors of Madison Avenue folks as they try to create pitches for any and all products … Continue reading

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